Gallivanting #4: Stuttgart

I got booked to do a run of cover song shows in an up-scale hotel in Stuttgart, Germany. Cover gigs are a whole other breed of shows than what I’m used to. Firstly, they’re long. You play three sets, roughly 45 minutes each per night – if not longer. Secondly, I got spoiled rotten with … Continue reading Gallivanting #4: Stuttgart

Gallivanting #1: Marburg

The smartest thing you can have in the working musician game is a booker. I don’t have a booker — not being particularly smart, and, as such, I find myself on a seven and a half hour journey to Germany’s Herzland (heartland) for a one-off show in a place I’ve never heard of: Marburg. Steph … Continue reading Gallivanting #1: Marburg

The Five Stages of Hearing Loss

Originally commission by Mimi-Hearing-Technologies, 2018 Joining a rock band when you’re eleven plays havoc with your ears in the long run… evidently. After countless sessions, wherein my fellow miniature punk peers blasted our amplifiers, and assaulted our instruments, I was left with continuous ringing in both my ears. Tinnitus is terrible, there’s no way around … Continue reading The Five Stages of Hearing Loss